Thursday, December 2, 2010

Gender Roles!

In this book, there is definitely a patriarchal society. The men typically control the lives of both their children and wives. However, in this specific society, or at least in Tambu's household, women have some more rights. Although Tambu's father did not want to let her, Tambu's mother was the one that allowed her to take some seed for her own cultivation of a plot of land. Also, Tambu can go to school. It is not scorned upon to allow girls to attend school, but their education is simply not as important as the boys'. The women are ultimately expected to have babies and take care of the household and cooking. Also, the women are just considered inferior to men. At dinner time, a woman is expected to go to each person dinner and give them a washing bowl and a cloth. She must go in order of "Rank," meaning from the most notable guest/family member to the least. The women are always last, regardless of age.

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